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Having a concept or idea for a business is only the first step in the creative process.  As you begin to dive into entrepreneurial waters, we understand how all the aspects of starting a business can easily lead you into overwhelm and struggling with where to focus first. 


From our first conversation and throughout each interaction, we listen to learn about what makes your business unique, understand what is important to you, and identify where you get stuck or frustrated.

Throughout the consulting process, we continue to ask questions that candidly explore all the issues and possible solutions for your business. We assist you with gaining clarity, getting focused, then establishing and prioritizing manageable steps to complete each aspect of building your business. 

Our goal is to support you through every phase of creating and completing a sustainable course of action for your business so you may successfully experience your entrepreneurial vision.

Connect with us to assist you with identifying goals and defining a sustainable path.

Starting A Business

-  Business Plan Development & Review

-  Creating Solid Financial Processes & Planning

-  Identifying Funding Sources

-  Defining Your Target Market & Analysis

-  Securing Business Registration & Licenses



Growing A Business

-  Certifications & Contracting

-  Community Engagement

-  Financial Analysis  

-  Hiring & Managing Employees

-  Marketing & Sales

-  Websites​

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